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[15 Nov 2006|07:17pm]

Well, Here we are, Time for that photo post i promised you all from my course.

First, I'll start with my morning view from my accomodation in Aviemore to entice the dear reader to click the cut.

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All Photo's are taken on the Lower Findhorn (Also known as The Gorge Section).

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[04 Aug 2006|03:56pm]

So, Yeah, No updates for a while, And im sorry, But, To make up for it, Heres a picture post :)

On wednesday past (2nd august) Me n Gibby went paddlin to the Lower Tummel, Release wasnt as big as we had been hoping (read as: as i was hoping, i was wanting utterly spanked on the main drops the Linn of Tummel, was only running as a grade 4 (just) and i was wanting it as a 5)

So, Anyway, For the banter Mattariasrench, Paul and Rosa (in alphabetical order lads) came along too to watch and take piccys for us, Cheers lads.

"Where's the water??" He said.

click it, click it, click it, more photo goodness beyond.
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And for those interested, All shots were taken with my Pentax Optio W10 model.
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F.A.O All riders in Edinburgh [03 Aug 2004|12:16am]

Planned play/ride this Wednesday (4th) meeting at Corstorphine Hill Tower @ 11:30.

it's not going to be owt too taxing just some folks playing about on mountain bikes(no hardcore xc or owt).

if you need directions see sneaks.

eeh aye that's about it, just come up and have a laugh.
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adventures [04 Jun 2004|12:20pm]

i thought id post this in here as its a bit relevant:

me and skibs should be extreme climbers, 2 sets of stupidly high (100ft) scaffolding scaled, at high speed, and while cunted
and then the side of a multi storey car par, in the rain, then back down it, then up it agian

beat that!
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camping trip sooooon [18 May 2004|07:49pm]

right, i know theres only a few people registered to this community, but thats enough.

who wants to go camping in about 4 weeks., think just the pentlands, but im looking for abouit 4 or 5 peeps,
i wanna go up a hill and camp for 1 or 2 nights, drink a lot of beer and climb some rock faces!!!

whos up for it
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[18 May 2004|07:41pm]

anyone want to break into the old odeon up the bridges?
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[18 May 2004|07:41pm]

anyone want to break into the old odeon up the bridges?
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[15 May 2004|07:07pm]

SKA night in Opium on monday 31st MAY

11 - 3

free entry

Drink promo's all night

with 'THE Skibs' & Dj Pak Man

will be my last night before i piss off to the states come along, buy me lots of drinks and have a fucking skanking night
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NEW FLASH [30 Mar 2004|12:10am]

This Journal will now also be used for Urban Exploration in Scotland.

First point of call, Operation Bluegas.

Write up once we've done it.

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Hill Walking [26 Mar 2004|08:08pm]

Right this sunday im off for a weeeeeee wander 'ower the pentlands with my mate alex, anyone up for it?

And this saturday (tomorrow) im gonna go see what tiso's have for a nice price in their sale (it'll still be over-fucking-priced though).

again, who'se up for that?

yes i know, my grammer todays shite, but i dont give a toss.

Happy camping.
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[11 Mar 2004|04:23pm]

[ mood | happy ]

So this is the first post, exciting.

This is the mark of a new era of outdoor pursuits community blogging as such. How and why i hear you all say, well, its because we're better than the other ones, hah, no in all seriousness we're going to try and make this one of the best communitys for the outdoor community and the moderators for one will try and keep it updates with nice juicy stories of ventures and pictures of what we get up to in Scotland.

As myself (keith)(sneaks) and Matt(mattariasrench) are based in Edinburgh expect to see stories and pictures of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

So thats all for now, there isnt much in this first post but it's a start. I now apologise in advance for my grammer, sometimes i use it correctly sometimes not, but hey, aslong as the general message is put across.



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